Laboratory and analysis

Innovative and personalized processes

Laboratory and analysis

Valmet Plating - Laboratory and analysis

We promote the development of new technologies in synergy with the main academic institutions. Collaborations with important university centres are fundamental to ensure the techniques and aesthetics of our processes are at the cutting edge.

Continuous research and technological development pay particular attention to the environmental impact, to fully safeguard, Health, Safety and Quality.

Staff and Chemists

Valmet Plating - Staff and Chemists

The laboratory team, the pride of the facility, is proud of its skilled staff, who have many years of experience in the decorative sector.

To ensure increasing quality and high productivity to our customers, all of the processing stages are fine-tuned, and product customisations are carried out in the laboratory.

Research and University

Valmet Plating - Research and University

In 2015, a research collaboration with the University of Tuscia was launched. A joint project for developing new electroplating technologies.

The fruits of this collaboration will become patents of excellence, to improve our products as well as yours.